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Mr. Kpop’s Favorite Female Singers

OK, here is part 2 of my favorite singers list. This time its my fav female singers.

in no particular order…

Don’t Forget to check out my favorite Male Singers!

Ayumi Hamasaki  (Japanese)


Notable songs:



Notable songs:



Notable songs:

Jane Zhang (AMAZING HIGH NOTES!) (Chinese)


Notable Songs:

Taeyeon (from SNSD)


Notable Songs:

Last but not least, 내 사랑, Lee Hyori


Notable Songs:


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Mr. Kpop’s Favorite Male Singers

Just thought I would share some of my favorite singers here, I hope you might even become a fan 🙂

in NO specific order…

Also Check out my favorite Female singers!

Park Hyo Shin


Noteworthy Songs:



Kim Bum Soo


Noteworthy songs:

“Song of Sorrow” DAMO OST:

“I Miss You” (Bogoshipda) From Stairway to Heaven OST:

Ha Dong Kyun


Noteworthy Songs:


Please Love Her:

JK Kim Dong Wook  (JK 김동욱)


Noteworthy songs:

Come to me:


HwanHee (From Fly to the Sky)


Noteworthy songs:


My Person:

Park Wan Kyu


Noteworthy Songs:

Fate  (Hong Gil Dong OST):

Love over a thousand years:

Jo Kwan Woo


Noteworthy Songs:


Lascia Ch’io Pianga:


Noteworthy Songs:

That it wasn’t a love that hurt too much (The Classic OST):

In the Street:

The One (더 원)


Noteworthy Songs:

Until I Die:


Well thats all for now 🙂

Stay tuned for my Favorite Female singers and then even fav groups/bands!

Got someone worth hearing? Post a link below!

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[Song] Kim Kwang Suk “That it wasn’t a love that hurt too much” (English Subtitles)



My Youtube Account was suspended —

I’m trying to upload old videos on my Dailymotion account here:

김광석 (Kim Kwang Suk) – 너무 아픈 사랑은 아니었음을 (That it wasn’t a love that hurt too much)

thanks to Delacroix @ for the translation!!!

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G-Dragon will release solo album in April, ‘Drastic VS Fresh’


Big Bang, the front-running group of skilled idol groups, gathered attention and gained popularity from the members’ solo activities since last year, as much as they would have as a group. After releasing his solo album last May, Tae Yang, of course, received a lot of popularity from the masses with ‘Look At Only Me,’ and his musicality was accepted as well. Continuously, this year the youngest, Seung Ri, started his solo activities with his solo ‘Strong Baby,’ which is included in their Volume 2 album. Completely different than the cuteness he showed being Big Bang’s youngest, he gathers attention everyday now for being manly and sexy.

In the midst of things, Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon, will release a solo album and come forth with solo activities in April. Afterward, Tae Yang will visit his fans with a second solo album.

Seung Ri, at a music show recording studio on the 8th, said, “I can’t say what style of music G-Dragon hyung will bring, but I can say this confidently. It will be drastic and fresh.” Additionally he added, “He is planning on going to America with Tae Yang hyung and learning dance. Please look forward to their more improved selves.”
Translation credits to bigbangnyuh.
Credits to dry_ for posting at bbvipz

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[Song] Park Hyo Shin “Look only at me” (English subtitles)


Park Hyo Shin singing Taeyangs “Look only at me” on Lee Hana’s Peppermint.

Is it just me does PHS & Lee Hana look like they like each other?

Personally I find Lee Hana to be adorable!

Watch in HD here: