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Mr. Kpop’s Award Spectacular *UPDATED 8/17*

I’ll keep the words here to a minimum so I don’t start sounding weird 😉

Best Eyes Award:

Lee Hyori


Such warm and friendly eyes! Irresistible

Best Eyes Runner up:

Tiffany (SNSD)


Best Smile Award:

its a 3 way tie! Park Ga Hee (After School), Shin Min Ah, and Lee Hyori!



Best Smile Runner Up:

Taeyeon (SNSD)


Cutie Award:

Chinese Actress/Singer Charlene Choi


She is ridiculously cute! Its almost hard to watch her sometimes!

Cutie Runner up:

Taeyeon (SNSD)


Best Body Award:

Shin Min Ah!


Best Body Runner Up:



Newcomer Award:

Kim So Eun!


Best Lips Award:

Im Soo Jung!



Best Lips Runner Up:

Kim hyeon Joo


Best Wink Award:

Taeyeon (SNSD)


Runner Up:

Tiffany (SNSD)


And Finally…

The 여자 of the Year Award:

Lee Hyori!

It was hard not making Hyori the winner in every category…so she gets the top prize!


She is PERFECT! Cute, Sexy, Friendly, Caring, and Funny!

I prefer her less “made up” and more natural (like on Family Outing)


Subtited Songs, zia

[Subbed Album] Zia – Vol. 1 Road movie


My Youtube Account was suspended —

I’m trying to upload old videos on my Dailymotion account here:

I finally finished subbing Zia’s Road movie album! Here they all are for easy access:


Support the Artist, BUY THE ALBUM!

1. I’m Happy – Youtube Link
2. What Am I To Do – Youtube Link
3. I Love You, I’m Sorry – Youtube Link
4. A Distant Place – Youtube Link
5. I Only See You (Feat. TOP) – Youtube Link
6. I Only Know Love – Youtube Link
7. Mom, I’m Sorry – Youtube Link
8. Will You Smile For Me – Youtube Link
9. Choked With Grief – Youtube Link
10. From Sinchon To Hongdae – Youtube Link
11. Star – Youtube Link
12. Blank – Youtube Link
13. The Closer You Get – Youtube Link
14. Confession – Youtube Link
15. Worn Out Clothes – Youtube Link
16. I Love You, I’m Sorry (Piano Version) – Youtube Link

Rain (Jung Ji Hoon)

Release dates set for Rain’s “Ninja Assassin”!


USA– November 25th, 2009

Australia– November 26th, 2009

Malaysia– November 26th, 2009

UK– November 27th, 2009

Germany– December 3rd, 2009

Italy– December 4th, 2009

Argentina– December 10th, 2009

Netherlands– December 10th, 2009

Russia– December 17th, 2009

Czech Republic– December 24th, 2009

Spain– December 25th, 2009
Can’t wait till November!