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[Subbed Album] Zia – Vol. 1 Road movie


My Youtube Account was suspended —

I’m trying to upload old videos on my Dailymotion account here:

I finally finished subbing Zia’s Road movie album! Here they all are for easy access:


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1. I’m Happy – Youtube Link
2. What Am I To Do – Youtube Link
3. I Love You, I’m Sorry – Youtube Link
4. A Distant Place – Youtube Link
5. I Only See You (Feat. TOP) – Youtube Link
6. I Only Know Love – Youtube Link
7. Mom, I’m Sorry – Youtube Link
8. Will You Smile For Me – Youtube Link
9. Choked With Grief – Youtube Link
10. From Sinchon To Hongdae – Youtube Link
11. Star – Youtube Link
12. Blank – Youtube Link
13. The Closer You Get – Youtube Link
14. Confession – Youtube Link
15. Worn Out Clothes – Youtube Link
16. I Love You, I’m Sorry (Piano Version) – Youtube Link

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Mr. Kpop’s Favorite Female Singers

OK, here is part 2 of my favorite singers list. This time its my fav female singers.

in no particular order…

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Ayumi Hamasaki  (Japanese)


Notable songs:



Notable songs:



Notable songs:

Jane Zhang (AMAZING HIGH NOTES!) (Chinese)


Notable Songs:

Taeyeon (from SNSD)


Notable Songs:

Last but not least, 내 사랑, Lee Hyori


Notable Songs: