Crush of the Year

Crush of the Year ’10 – Round 2

Round 1 can be found here

Round 1 winners:

  • Son Ye Jin
  • Shin Min Ah
  • SeoHyun
  • Park Shin Hye
  • Moon Chae Won
  • Eun Jung

Didn’t have time to make new graphics so…. maybe next time πŸ™‚


Lets rap it up


Son Ye Jin vs Shin Min Ah

This might be the toughest choice yet…both are incredibly gorgeous and very good at what they do.

I’ve watched each star in a Kdrama this year. Son Ye Jin in “Personal taste” and Shin Min Ah in “Lucifer”.

I’m gonna have to give it to Son Ye Jin! (srry Min Ah~!)


SeoHyun vs Park Shin Hye

While I loved Park Shin Hye in last years “You’re Beautiful” I think this one has to got to SNSD’s SeoHyun! The only Soshi on this list and one of my new favorites, thanks to the variety show “We Got Married”


Moon Chae Won vs Eun Jung

Loved Eun Jung in “Coffee House” but I think I goto go with MCW!

I fell in love with her watching “Painter of the wind” and “Take care of Agasshi”. For some reason when she cries it really messes me up…


And Finally the Top 3 Crushes of 2010!

  1. Son Ye Jin

  2. Moon Chae Won

  3. SeoHyun


Winner of Crush of the YEAR!

Son Ye Jin!!!