So Ji Sub makes a long awaited return after four years

Ever since he acted in the television drama “Sorry I Love You”, So Ji Sub, who will be making a long awaited return after 4 years, has been craving so much to “stand in front of the camera” once again.

Although So Ji Sub had previously appeared in the movie “Can’t Live Without Robbery”, but in actual fact, his latest collaboration with Kang Ji Hwan, “A Movie is a Movie”, can be considered as his first movie. In the movie, he plays as a member of the triads, aka a gangster.

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Lee Byung Hun Thrives on Challenges

Lee Byung Hun – Thrives on Challenges

I had to wrack my brains to come up with words that best illustrated Lee Byung Hun. Debuting in 1991 on the small screen, he has moved the audience with his various roles. It’s almost impossible to describe him with simple terms.

The drama serial “All-in”, movies “JSA”, “Everyone has secrets”, “My sweet life”, “That summer” … Lee Byung Hun reveals a different aspect of him with every role he plays. With requests pouring in from the readers, KOZINE decided to look up the charismatic Korean star for an interview. The rights of his latest movie ‘The Good, The Bad, The Weird’ were sold to 8 countries including France. And in May, Icon Pictures by Mel Gibson bought the rights to screen it in the U.K. In this new movie, Lee Byung Hun plays Chang-yi, the head of a gang of bandits. We relish discovering yet another side of him.
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