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Kim Tae Hee is Lee Byung Hun’s Lover in IRIS

No, that is not a typo. It was announced and confirmed by TaeWon Entertainment that Kim Tae Hee will act as Lee Byung Hun’s lover in “IRIS”.

Since finishing “Love in Harvard” 4 years ago, Kim Tae Hee has been missing from the small-screen and keeping herself busy with CF endorsements and movie filming. Tae Hee character is an agent of NSS, a national intelligence agency and will take part in many missions together with Lee Byung Hun’s character. Kim Tae Hee will play a different role from her past demure image, becoming a rational and strong female and will have a triangle relationship with Lee Byung Hun and another person who is yet to be picked yet. Their romance will serve to increase the tension and excitement in the drama.

The 20-episode drama had been attracting lots of attention because of it’s thriller espionage genre and the big names involved. It’s scheduled for broadcast in Summer 2009 and filming will begin once casting is done.

But if that is the case, what will happen to Son Ye Jin who was only announced as Lee Byung Hun’s lover just 5 days ago? Well, Son Ye Jin was apparently left out as there was a conflict in schedule between her and the drama filming.

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Son Ye Jin as Lee Byung Hun’s Lover in Spy Drama ‘IRIS’

This time round Son Ye Jin becomes the lover of Lee Byung Hun. It has been finalized that Son Ye Jin will play in the upcoming spy drama “IRIS” that is scheduled to air in the first half of 2009. Son Ye Jin plays as Lee Myung Hee, an agent of NSS, a national intelligence agency.

“IRIS” is a collaboration between director Kang Je Gyu and Taewon Entertainment. The director of KBS2TV’s “Sorry I Love You”, Lee Hyung Min, will also be participating in this mega production, which boasts of 20 billion won in production cost.

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Lee Byung hun to Release Single Album in Japan

Hallyu star Lee Byung-hun will release his first studio album in Japan. Lee’s official Japanese website reported that the actor was recently chosen by Japan’s leading automaker Toyota as the model for its ad campaign for its latest SUV, the “RAV 4.” Lee will be making his first TV commercial appearance in three years.

The site added that the actor will release a single album this season featuring the new song “Some Day,” which was featured in the Toyota TV ad campaign. “Some Day” was composed by renowned Japanese songwriter and producer Yasushi Akimoto.

Lee performed the song during a fan meeting tour in Japan last year and received a favorable response. Lee’s single album will feature two versions of the song–rock and ballad.


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[Movie]The Good The Bad and the Weird breaks 6,000,000 viewers

Since I got into Korean films and TV because of Lee Byung Hun, this story made me very happy for him and all the cast. Now just 1 million to go until they break even.

Now for the story 🙂

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Lee Byung Hun Thrives on Challenges

Lee Byung Hun – Thrives on Challenges

I had to wrack my brains to come up with words that best illustrated Lee Byung Hun. Debuting in 1991 on the small screen, he has moved the audience with his various roles. It’s almost impossible to describe him with simple terms.

The drama serial “All-in”, movies “JSA”, “Everyone has secrets”, “My sweet life”, “That summer” … Lee Byung Hun reveals a different aspect of him with every role he plays. With requests pouring in from the readers, KOZINE decided to look up the charismatic Korean star for an interview. The rights of his latest movie ‘The Good, The Bad, The Weird’ were sold to 8 countries including France. And in May, Icon Pictures by Mel Gibson bought the rights to screen it in the U.K. In this new movie, Lee Byung Hun plays Chang-yi, the head of a gang of bandits. We relish discovering yet another side of him.
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