4 thoughts on “So Ji Sub’s “Rough Cut” DVD Pre-order!”

  1. hello i am sara i phone to you from iran ..do you bleave i am korean?….i am iranian i speak really farsi. my language is persian/farsi .i live in mashhad .i can speak farsi to you…سلام چطورید امیدوارم حالتون خوب باشه من همی سریال هاتونو دیدم
    i am very sad i speak farsi really . you dont know but please please anser me are you so ji sub ? i promis to you that i dont obttrusive for you.i promise …i want speak for you an important subject.it is very vital for me and you.trust me pleaseeeeeeeee.it is very important
    .excuse i am not speak english very well .pleas pleas send for me email .sara from iran

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