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Sung Yuri Plays ‘Queen Sun Duk’


After previous speculations of Lee Young Ae and Go Hyun Jung have fallen through, the role of Queen Sun Duk has now been finalized to be played by Sung Yuri.

MBC announced on the 25th morning: “It has been confirmed that Sung Yuri will play the role of Queen Sun Duk and we are currently in the process of finalizing the details.”

Sung Yuri will play as Princess Duk Man, the eldest daughter of Silla’s King Jin Pyung. Possessing an extraordinary charm and wit, she eventually became the first Queen (ruler) in the Korean history despite her being in the war-torn Korean Three Kingdoms Era (Goguryeo, BaekJae and Silla).

Sung Yuri will be collaborating with Go Hyun Jung who will play the role of Mi Shil. Mi Shil is a beautiful woman who hungers for power. She was also the assistant for 3 previous kings.

Although Sung Yuri has played historical roles in “Thousand Years of Love” and “Hong Gil Dong” but this is her first time challenging a true historical drama. Sung Yuri will play the life of Queen Sun Duk, from young till old. As the timeline is wide, Sung Yuri’s involvement has attracted the attention of manyu viewers.

“Queen Sun Duk” will have a total of 50 episodes and is scheduled to air in the first half of 2009.

Source: StarNews

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