Crush of the Year ’10 – Round 1

Based on my monthly “Crush of the month” posts.

Lets find out who will become my girl :-p

The fighters:

  • Son ye jin
  • Seohyun
  • Kim ha eun
  • im soo jung
  • oh yun soo
  • shin min ah
  • UEE
  • Park Shin Hye
  • HyunA
  • Moon Chae won
  • Victoria
  • Eun Jung

    Round 1

    Im Soo Jung: From my favorite K-drama “I’m Sorry, I Love you”.

    Eun Jung (T-ara): Was always a semi-fan but that changed after watching her in “Coffee House”. Now I’m a full blown fan πŸ™‚

    Winner: Eun Jung

    Moon Chae Won: First saw her in “The Painter of the Wind”. But I didn’t fully fall for her until the K-Drama “Take Care of Agassi”

    UEE: If your a fan of the K-Drama “You’re Beautiful” then you probably don’t care much for UEE. But after watching her on a few Variety shows she quickly won me over.

    Winner: Moon Chae Won

    Oh Yun Soo: Became a fan after watching “La Dolce Vita”

    Park Shin Hye: I don’t think anyone could watch “You’re Beautiful” and not fall for PSH

    Winner: Park Shin Hye

    SeoHyun (SNSD): Was one of my least favorite members of SNSD. But that changed thanks to the Variety show “We got married”. Her sweet image won me over.

    Kim Ha Eun: From one of my favorite shows of the year, “Chuno”. How can someone look so perfect even while crying?

    Winner: SeoHyun

    Shin Min Ah: I love how in CF/Photoshoots she has such a sexy image but then always plays such shy sweet girls.

    HyunA (4Minute): She won me over on the KBS show “Invincible Youth”

    Winner: Shin Min Ah

    Son Ye Jin: One of the most beautiful actresses ever. If you haven’t seen “A Moment to Remember” then buy it right now! I’ll wait…

    Victoria (Fx): One of my more recent crushes, thanks again to “Invincible Youth”.

    Winner: Son Ye Jin

    Round 1 winners:

    • Son Ye Jin
    • Shin Min Ah
    • SeoHyun
    • Park Shin Hye
    • Moon Chae Won
    • Eun Jung

    Round 2 Coming Soon!