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Sung Yuri Is Learning English For Her New Movie


In preparation for her first big-screen project where she will be playing a leading role, Sung Yuri is currently doing her best to learn English. Sung Yuri has officially signed the contract with the production team of “Rabbit and Lizard” and the movie is scheduled to begin shooting in mid February.

The role which Sung Yuri will portray is a character called May, who returns to her birth country after 23 years in a bid to discover her own identity. May gives out a mysterious feeling and is very open-minded in her thoughts. Although she looks strong on the surface, in reality she hides a deep wound in her heart.

As Sung Yuri is to play the role of an adopted child of an overseas family, she has began to revise on her English 3 months before filming starts, correcting on her English pronunciation and tone. The film’s production company has expressed that the set will be entirely in South Korea since the plot is about an adopted child returning to the country. Most of the language will be in Korean but there will also be some English lines. Hence, Sung Yuri is now actively learning English.

Director Joo Ji Hong who graduated from La Femis, a french state film school, will undertake this project. He was awarded a film screenwriter award by CNC Centre National de la Cinematographie and was also one of the top 10 new director of the year selected by France Emergen. He is a widely recognized director in Europe and also in South Korea.

Sung Yuri who is about to take on her first movie said: “As this is my first time meeting the audience through the big screen, I feel the pressure and my heart is beating wildly. I will face the oncoming challenge with this feeling.”

The male lead of the movie was chosen only recently and will be revealed during the “opening ceremony” in mid February.

Source: Joynews

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Im Ju Hwan Sustains Serious Injuries in Car Accident

Korean actor Im Ju Hwan sustained serious injuries during a car accident this morning, the 26th of August and will need to recuperate for 12 weeks. According to the details revealed by his agency, Im Ju Hwan was inside the car drove by his manager and the car collided with an incoming truck while they were rushing to the filming location of “Two Flowers Shop”, ssanghwajeom. Both Im Ju Hwan and his manager sustained heavy injuries as a result and their car was in an unrecognizable state after the crash.

Both Im Ju Hwan and his manager are out of life danger at this moment; However Im Ju Hwan, who injured his cervical spine, is unable to move his limbs freely before he fully recovers. As a result, he is forced to drop the filming of “Two Flowers Shop” temporary. Im Ju Hwan and his manager are now undergoing treatment at a hospital near the scene of the accident but will be transferred to Seoul General Hospital for a more thorough checkup tomorrow.

I really had quite a shock yet again after Lee Eon’s accident. Luckily Im Ju Hwan is alright. Rest well and hope he recovers soon.

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