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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho **Update**

Well, I’ve now watched episodes 5 and 6 and its really starting to grow on me. Lee Seung Gi has toned it down ALOT, he still does his “ButtHead” act from time to time but its been pulled back alot. Shin Min Ah has really started adding on the Aegyo cuteness which is the first time I’ve seen her play a character that way. (She is SOOOO cute)

Most of the bigger laughs (for me) have come from the Aunt and (wannabe) Chow Yun Fat. Maybe its because of my love of Chow Yun Fat movies or just the simple slapsticky nature of there encounters but it really cracks me up. I hope they keep that going for a little longer.

I’m undecided on what I think of No Min Woo ( I call him No Means No). Hope he doesnt become too bad.


Started watching “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”

I’ve watched two episodes so far and I’m really liking it! Shin Min Ah is as gorgeous as ever. Most of the back up cast seem pretty good but I’ll have to wait and see if they get on my nerves.

The only problem so far, for me, is Lee Seung Gi’s performance. He’s very much an overactor in this and atleast half of the show he has his mouth open.

I noticed a resemblance to “ButtHead” from the old beavis and butthead cartoon show. See for your self…


Crush of the Year

Crush of the Year ’10 – Round 2

Round 1 can be found here

Round 1 winners:

  • Son Ye Jin
  • Shin Min Ah
  • SeoHyun
  • Park Shin Hye
  • Moon Chae Won
  • Eun Jung

Didn’t have time to make new graphics so…. maybe next time πŸ™‚


Lets rap it up


Son Ye Jin vs Shin Min Ah

This might be the toughest choice yet…both are incredibly gorgeous and very good at what they do.

I’ve watched each star in a Kdrama this year. Son Ye Jin in “Personal taste” and Shin Min Ah in “Lucifer”.

I’m gonna have to give it to Son Ye Jin! (srry Min Ah~!)


SeoHyun vs Park Shin Hye

While I loved Park Shin Hye in last years “You’re Beautiful” I think this one has to got to SNSD’s SeoHyun! The only Soshi on this list and one of my new favorites, thanks to the variety show “We Got Married”


Moon Chae Won vs Eun Jung

Loved Eun Jung in “Coffee House” but I think I goto go with MCW!

I fell in love with her watching “Painter of the wind” and “Take care of Agasshi”. For some reason when she cries it really messes me up…


And Finally the Top 3 Crushes of 2010!

  1. Son Ye Jin

  2. Moon Chae Won

  3. SeoHyun


Winner of Crush of the YEAR!

Son Ye Jin!!!



Crush of the Year ’10 – Round 1

Based on my monthly “Crush of the month” posts.

Lets find out who will become my girl :-p

The fighters:

  • Son ye jin
  • Seohyun
  • Kim ha eun
  • im soo jung
  • oh yun soo
  • shin min ah
  • UEE
  • Park Shin Hye
  • HyunA
  • Moon Chae won
  • Victoria
  • Eun Jung

    Round 1

    Im Soo Jung: From my favorite K-drama “I’m Sorry, I Love you”.

    Eun Jung (T-ara): Was always a semi-fan but that changed after watching her in “Coffee House”. Now I’m a full blown fan πŸ™‚

    Winner: Eun Jung

    Moon Chae Won: First saw her in “The Painter of the Wind”. But I didn’t fully fall for her until the K-Drama “Take Care of Agassi”

    UEE: If your a fan of the K-Drama “You’re Beautiful” then you probably don’t care much for UEE. But after watching her on a few Variety shows she quickly won me over.

    Winner: Moon Chae Won

    Oh Yun Soo: Became a fan after watching “La Dolce Vita”

    Park Shin Hye: I don’t think anyone could watch “You’re Beautiful” and not fall for PSH

    Winner: Park Shin Hye

    SeoHyun (SNSD): Was one of my least favorite members of SNSD. But that changed thanks to the Variety show “We got married”. Her sweet image won me over.

    Kim Ha Eun: From one of my favorite shows of the year, “Chuno”. How can someone look so perfect even while crying?

    Winner: SeoHyun

    Shin Min Ah: I love how in CF/Photoshoots she has such a sexy image but then always plays such shy sweet girls.

    HyunA (4Minute): She won me over on the KBS show “Invincible Youth”

    Winner: Shin Min Ah

    Son Ye Jin: One of the most beautiful actresses ever. If you haven’t seen “A Moment to Remember” then buy it right now! I’ll wait…

    Victoria (Fx): One of my more recent crushes, thanks again to “Invincible Youth”.

    Winner: Son Ye Jin

    Round 1 winners:

    • Son Ye Jin
    • Shin Min Ah
    • SeoHyun
    • Park Shin Hye
    • Moon Chae Won
    • Eun Jung

    Round 2 Coming Soon!