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The Park Hyo Shin Project

I speak very little korean (though I can read it, I just have like zero vocab, lol). But HyoShin is one of my favorite singers, so I started this project on Soompi awhile back. I’ve made pretty good progress but I’m running out of translations! If you have a translation for a song listed below please email me!

I’m trying to make English subbed videos for Hyo Shins whole discography (its a big job biggrin.gif )

Most Translations came from (see individual videos info for full credits)



I’m in the process of reuploading them to

I will add the Dailymotion links into this list as they become available. Thanks

Red = Songs I’ve done
Blue = Songs I have the translation for but I haven’t subbed yet
orange = Songs I Need english translations for
The rest are either IN english already or are instrumentals.

Click the “Youtube Link” to see the vid

Park Hyo Shin 6 – Gift

01. Gift
02. Sa Rang Han Hu e
03. Neol Ba Ra Gi – Youtube Link
04. I Sang Ha Da
05. I Reum Mo Reul Sae
06. Deja-vu
Youtube Link
07. Sa Rang Han Hu e (Inst.)
08. Deja-vu (Piano Mix Ver.)

Hwang Project with Park Hyo Shin Vol.1 – Welcome To The Fantastic World

01 . Fantastic World
02 . The Castle Of Zoltar Youtube Link
03 . 마지막 인사 Youtube Link
04 . 마지막 인사 Part II (Bossa Nova Version)

05 . The Castle Of Zoltar (Instrumental)
06 . 마지막 인사 (Instrumental)
07 . 마지막 인사 Part II (Bossa Nova Version) (Instrumental)

Park Hyo Shin 5

01. The Breeze Of Sea (Intro) (Inst.)
02. Chuogun Sarangul Dalma Youtube Link
03. Meari Youtube Link
04. Etude (Interlude) (Feat. Jin Bora)
05. Lost Youtube Link
06. Dashi Saranghessumyon
07. Miwohaja Youtube Link
08. Gurimgo… Guriun… Youtube Link
09. Like a Star (Feat. Choi Ah Rom) Youtube Link
10. Now & Forever
11. Annyong Gasumul Chinun Mal Youtube Link
12 . Wind Child (Interlude)
13 . 1991 Chanbarami Buldon Bam… Youtube Link
14. The Lullaby
15. Don’t Know Why
16. My Love
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