Son Ye-jin and Kim Joo-hyeok in ‘My Wife is Married’

New movie stars the gorgeous Son Ye-jin and charismatic actor Kim Joo-hyeok in ‘My Wife is Married’.

This new movie will be coming to theaters on October 23rd. This movie’s original plot is from a novel that was the best seller at The 2nd World Literature Nominations.

The plots is about double marriage also known as polygamy that is sought to be experienced, a new revelational idea that hits the characters in this movie. Son Ye-jin is the wife In-ah who declares she will marry another man also,and Kim Joo-hyeok is the husband Uk-choon. This movie is similar in questioning marriage life like the movie “Changing Partners” and directed by the same director.

source: cynews
translated by: hancinema