Kpop Top 10 for the week of 8/24

Kpop Top 10 for the week of 8/24

  1. U Go Girl – Lee HyoriMV LINK
  2. MOAI – Seo TaijiMV LINK
  3. Love and War – DaVichMV LINK
  4. Cinderella – Suh In-youngMV LINK
  5. I Love You, I’m Sorry – Zi-aMV LINK
  6. I Want Love – COOLMV LINK
  7. Breakdown – Epik HighMV LINK
  8. So Hot – WonderGirlsMV LINK
  9. Going Crazy – MC MongMV LINK
  10. D.I.S.C.O (feat.TOP) – Uhm Jung-hwaMV LINK

Credit: KBS World

Mc Mong, Music

MC Mong’s Latest Album

Well, MC Mong’s new album “Show’s Just Begunhas been out for awhile now (since april I guess), and I have listened to it alot lately. I really like his style of music, it’s very upbeat and fun which is what I don’t find in American Hip Hop or Rap.

Anyway….Here are a few of my favorite tracks. (With English Subtitles)
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