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Crown J thinks there’s 80% Possibility He Will Marry Seo In Young

Having been playing bickering make-believe couples for the past few months on MBC star wedding variety We Got Married, Crown J recently talked about the possibility of him and Seo In Young really getting married in reality.

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Andy and Solbi Will Go Separate Ways After 7 Months of “Marriage”

The inevitable has happened, the lovable Andy and Solbi couple will be leaving MBC star wedding variety “We Got Married” after 7 months of ‘marriage’.

According to the “We Got Married” PD in charge of recording today, Andy and Solbi will be recording their farewell holiday today and then leave the show entirely. The couple leaves the variety show having been on it since March this year and lasting around 7 months before eventually saying goodbye. This final recording of Andy and Solbi will be shown towards the end of September.

Andy and Solbi have been winning lots of love since appearing on “We Got Married” and fans will no doubt be sad at this latest happening which was being foreshadowed by a string of events (cut scenes, new couples, lack of chemistry recently, etc). After leaving the show, Andy’s schedule will still be packed to the brim with his musical, nationwide concert tour, overseas promotions, etc while Solbi will embark on her solo singing career with her new album.

The departure of Andy and Solbi at this juncture means that one of the 3 new couples who will be appearing this Sunday on the Chuseok special could be drafted in to replace them depending on circumstances like how well-received they are, fans reaction, their schedules, etc. The 3 new couples was originally scheduled to make a one-time only appearance this Sunday.

This is a sad day for Anbiholics. Tears will flow when it airs.

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[Song] Alex “All of a sudden” (English Subtitles)

well, I’ve subtitled another song from Alex’s solo album “My Vintage Romance“. This time its track 1 “All of a sudden“.

I’ll probably end up doing the whole album at this pace 🙂

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