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Park Hyo Shin’s 화신 from Iljimae (Eng subs + singalong)

Well I’m about to finish the Drama Iljimae tonight, and being the HUGE Park Hyo Shin fan that I am, I thought I would subtitle his song from the show.

For those that like to Sing along with the song I even added the romanized lyrics!

Also check out “The Park Hyo Shin Project” for a ton of his songs Subtitled in English!

Check it out

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Lee Jun ki praised for his emotional acting skills

Saturday August 23, 2008

Lee Jun-ki, the 26-year-old actor has recently finished filming for the SBS drama “Iljimae“.

He has previously been in the movie “The King and the Clown” and dramas “My Girl” and “Time Between Dog and Wolf – Drama” where he was the character who faced tragedies. And he is well praise for his ability to portray such complex tragic emotions rather than simply expressing sadness.

Lee Jun-ki is confident in acting these kinds of emotions and says that it is his proudest skill. He said that the “Iljimae” director has praised him for this.

His definition of artist is a person who plays the contents with passionate vitality which is one of the reasons for choosing to be in “Iljimae“. Lee said that people could be attracted to this drama because it was a historical fiction that was fused with a superhero story.

source: media daum
translations: hancinema