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Junki’s hero role confirmed


There were some questions raised after preliminary news came out about Lee Junki’s new drama series, but it’s official now: Lee Junki will be taking a (modern-day) hero role starring in the drama Unseen War [보이지 않는 전쟁].

(The series has a new title, but the plot is the same as before, when it was called “Heroes” or “Strange Heroes.” Lee plays a man fixated purely on success who loses a loved one, then decides to fight crime on behalf of the weak.)

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Lee Junki donates CF earnings


Lee Junki (Iljimae) is donating 100 million won (about $70,000) on behalf of disadvantaged youths.

The popular actor’s contribution goes to Korea Youth Protection Association’s Happy Community Children Center. A representative from the association expressed their appreciation, saying, “I was moved to see Lee Junki inquiring about and taking an interest in the children’s center.”

Lee went to the center on December 4 to deliver the funds in person. According to his reps, he had told them previously of his intent to donate his earnings from his last CF to an outreach organization.

The center serves poor and working-class children in the community by teaching them English (or Korean to the children of foreign laborers), math, and other academic subjects for free. It’s the giving season, and despite the current slump in the Korean entertainment industry (and, well, worldwide).

source: dramabeans

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Lee Joon Ki to Play a Violent Man in New Drama

Amidst the current dispute with Mentor Entertainment, Lee Joon Ki is poised to take on a new drama, playing as a violent man. He will be working with star writer Song Ji Na who also wrote “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi”.

The drama currently titled “The Story of Men“, talks about how a man causes the collapse of a huge multinational corporation. Writer Song Ji Na had mentioned briefly about the plot of “The Story of Men” on her blog after she finished “Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi”. She said: “I have always wanted to write a story about a violent man. And I now wish to make them the focus of my story.”

Lee Joon Ki will play as someone who actively seeks redress for his father but fails in the end which then causes him to be sentenced to imprisonment. According to a related personnel: “Song Ji Na has already chosen Lee Joon Ki right from the start. Although the contract has not been signed yet but we can basically confirm Lee Joon Ki’s participation in this project.”

Well no matter how excited you are, just wait for further confirmation. Things are definitely prone to changes, especially with Lee Joon Ki’s ongoing dispute with his agency.

Source: DongA via Sohu

Picture: Newsen

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Mentor Entertainment Sues Lee Joon Ki for Breach of Contract

On the 28th of September, Lee Joon Ki’s talent agency, Mentor Entertainment, brings Lee Joon Ki and his manager to court for breach of contract and demands a compensation of 500 million won.

In the details submitted to the court, Mentor Entertainment claimed that there was an agreement with Lee Joon Ki that he was not allowed to sign contracts with other companies within the 5 years with Mentor. However in November last year, Lee Joon Ki and his manager Kim, setup a new company secretly. They have used the new company to gain contracts and profited more than 1 billion won in the process. Mentor demanded 500 million won compensation from Lee Joon Ki and for him to stop all his commercial activities till the end of the contract.

Lee Joon Ki’s manager rebutted Mentor Entertainment’s claims. He said, “Mentor was the one who breached the contract in the first place. They have been delaying the pay for Lee Joon Ki since last year. We have already submitted the court application in February to renounce the contract between Lee Joon Ki and Mentor Entertainment”.

Neither side seems willing to relent at this moment. Therefore a court case is inevitable.

Source: Newsen, mydaily

Mentor Entertainment Sues Lee Joon Ki for Breach of Contract | Hanfever Korean Drama.