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[Song] Drunken Tiger “8:45” (English subs)

I was watching “pops in seoul” last night on Arirang TV and I saw this video from Drunken Tiger called “8:45”, its a sad song about the loss of his grandmother.

So today I got online and found a translation and then subbed it 🙂

Direct Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpK3BVUe2tg


Epik High is back with â€˜LOVESCREAM’

Epik High is releasing their first ever short-album ever since their debut.

Epik High will be releasing their new minialbum ‘LOVESCREAM’ end-September and coming back into the Kpop scene.

They receiving heated response and great support for their previous 4th and 5th album both off and online. They will also be releasing 3 teaser videos ahead of their album release.

With their album release, Epik High will also be holding the ‘The Parade 2008′ concert on 27th September in the Olympics Stadium and also in KBS Hall in Busan on 3rd October.

source: kbites

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MC Mong’s Latest Album

Well, MC Mong’s new album “Show’s Just Begunhas been out for awhile now (since april I guess), and I have listened to it alot lately. I really like his style of music, it’s very upbeat and fun which is what I don’t find in American Hip Hop or Rap.

Anyway….Here are a few of my favorite tracks. (With English Subtitles)
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