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Trying to Upload my old videos to Dailymotion

I have hundreds of English subtitled kpop videos I made for my, now deleted, YouTube channel. I plan to reupload them all to my Dailymotion account here. Some of these videos are over 9 years old so don’t be surprised if they aren’t all 1080p HD lol


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[Song] Alex “Daydreaming” (English Subtitles)

One of my favorite songs from his album “My Vintage Romance”.

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I found a Great Website!

Over the past year I’ve been trying to learn alittle Korean. So far I can read Hangul but I have a very limited vocabulary. So basically I can sound it out but I have no idea what I’m saying. 🙂

I found the best way for me to get my Hangul reading skills up to par was to print the Korean lyrics and try to sing along. This helped ALOT, but some songs are just to fast for my brain to process the Hangul characters.

Anyway, I found this great site that converts the Korean characters into romanized English. Check it out, Just paste the Korean in the box and hit convert. SO SIMPLE 🙂

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