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East of Eden Establishes Commanding Lead

MBC has clearly a winner on it’s hands after it’s mega-budget drama “East of Eden” posted it’s highest rating ever yesterday amidst new competition.

According to TNS Media Korea, “East of Eden” obtained 26.3% for Episode 8 last night and was the highest since it’s broadcast. SBS “Tazza” who was making it’s debut got 12.9% while KBS “Love Married” placed last with only 4.9%.

Each passing episode has seen the ratings spike up

Episode 1 – 11.3% | Episode 4 – 17.8%

Episode 5 – 18.6% | Episode 7 – 19.7%

Especially if you consider that “East of Eden” was battling the incumbent leader “Gourmet” all this while and is now facing the new upstart “Tazza”, but it has seemingly not been affected at all on the ratings front and has developed a core audience now (me included, I am hooked regardless of the seemingly cliched storyline). Indeed, “East of Eden” has been made more watchable since all the lead actors/actresses came out from 8th September. I fear for the rest of the competition because it looks set to burst the 30% rating very soon.

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