My ’09 Drama Reviews

Well, 2009 is over and I managed to watch 11 Dramas! When I first thought back on the year I guessed I had watched 5-6. But after some review my number doubled!

This isn’t a full on review but more of a quick recap list.

**Not all shows were made in ’09 but thats when I watched them!**

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now onto the Dramas!

in no real order:


Surprisingly fun for a “Courtroom” Drama. I watched it mainly because I have a thing for Kim Hyun joo but continued to watch because it was fun and serious at all the right times.        


Cain and Abel

I watched this because of So Ji Sub. period. He was the star of my alltime favorite drama “I’m sorry, I love you”. Fresh out the army he was making his comeback and I couldn’t wait. I have to say that this show was one of my hardest to watch shows of the year. Not only is it alittle gory (it takes place in a hospital) but the first 6-7 episodes were awful! But at ep 8 or so I REALLY started to enjoy it and ultimately liked it.

First half  2/10

Second half 7.5/10

You are my Destiny

As a fan of “Girls Generation” I almost had to watch YoonA in her big daily drama lead role. And thanks to KBS World I could! It was a slow moving show, but thats kinda what you get with a daily drama, and the leading man Park Jae Jung couldn’t even act like he was breathing.


Handsome Siblings

My only Chinese show this year…

I loved Dicky as the Monkey King so I thought I would give this show a chance. Not amazing or bad. Pretty enjoyable most of the time with lots of comedy and some melodrama.           


Worlds Within

I really enjoyed Hyun Bin in a few other shows and Hyegyo was great in Full House so I thought this was a sure hit… It was a fine show, its just not very interesting. I have a hard time remembering a single scene from this one which tells me it was boring.


Take Care of Agassi

The first few episodes really had a fun playful vibe but it soon turned into a predictable Kdrama. Never been a big YEH fan and she really didn’t make me like her any more in this one. Moon Chae Won on the other hand has really surprised me with her performances so far.


Boys over Flowers

Yes, like everybody else I watched BOF. Do I regret it? NO! Mainly because I got introduced to Kim So Eun, who I think stole all the cuteness in the world and ate it. If you like eye candy and don’t think too much you will enjoy this one.


TOP 3 4

Tied for 3rd:

Story of a Man

One of my favorite shows of the year! It JUST missed being in my TOP 3. Its suspenseful and dramatic with lots of great scenes, and there is plenty of eye candy for the ladies and fellas.



My most anticipated show of ’09. Lee Byung Hun is the reason I watch Korean movies, TV Dramas, and even listen to KPOP. His movie “A Bittersweet Life” made me explore the Korean entertainment world and I’ve never looked back.

Action packed show with tons of stars and what I think is a breakout performance for Kim Tae Hee.



Painter of the Wind

One of the most visually pleasing dramas I’ve ever seen. I can’t even count how many scenes I remember simply because of how beautifully they were filmed. Great performances all around and good story. (and Moon Chae Won :-p )



You’re Beautiful

A show I wasn’t even planning to watch. But because the IRIS subs weren’t going to be ready for awhile I thought I could watch something quickly. What I wasn’t ready for was how much I was going to enjoy this one. Its a very fun and lighthearted show but its charms are just too much to resist and it soon grabs you and wont let go.



Manager believes that Jang Ja Yeon was Murdered


Jang Ja Yeon’s former manager Yoo Mo of HoyaSporTainment (호야스포테인먼트) has made some speculative comments regarding Jang Ja Hyeon’s suicide. “Anyone who knows Ja Yeon, no, anyone in the Entertainment industry will know the real reason why Ja Yeon died”.

Yesterday afternoon, Yoo posted a note on his Cyworld Minihomepage titled “To Ja Yeon” and after making a reference to the movie “Public Enemy”, wrote “It was just that Ja Yeon decided to fight a public enemy… because that public enemy caused so much pain and hurt for so many people.

“I am talking to the people who have been deceived, believe in and are protecting the public enemy. Stop protecting them… Ja Yeon, don’t think I’ve given up this fight. Please watch over me.

“A manager must protect his talent, not just as work colleagues but as fellow human beings in the entertainment industry… I can’t say I did well. Even though Ja Yeon was crying with depression for two weeks, I did nothing for her except listen.

“Exactly now as I write this, we’d arranged before to meet an hour ago… but since she took her life I haven’t been able to do anything”

In a recent press interview, Yoo revealed that “on February 28th, Ja Yeon came to me with a diary that I had to keep safe ‘because she was afraid that something would happen’ to her”

“The contents are so personal that I shouldn’t reveal them. But no matter how much I read it, it’s clear she wasn’t driven to suicide from depression… what I got from her wasn’t a cryptic message but documents containing her heart-felt confessions; the contents will shock everyone. I’ve already passed on a copy of the documents to her family… I wouldn’t have coped well either if I was going through what she was… I will be giving a proper response to your questions once the police inquiry is under way.

Meanwhile the police released a statement of their own. “We have never heard of such a testament and we do not plan to launch an investigation unless such a confessional letter actually relates to a crime.” The police have revealed that there was no evidence of homicide at the scene and have terminated the enquiry following family statements that she gradually let go of life during her on-going depression.

source: seoulbeats


Kim Hyun Joong Faints Again


Despite the entire production getting a little break over the weekend since the scenes for Macau (showing this week) had been filmed beforehand, it was reported that Kim Hyun Joong who is playing Yoon Ji Ho in KBS2TV Boys Before Flowers had fainted on set. He had fainted once whilst filming in Macau and yesterday was his second time.

Hyun Joong was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment and was back home resting for the whole of yesterday. But he’s unlikely to get much rest as he was scheduled for a commercial shoot this afternoon. According to a DSP Entertainment representative, “We were pretty worried as this was his second time. The doctors have advised that Hyun Joong should get as much rest as possible. But because of the schedule, it’s quite difficult.”

It has been a worrying time for fans of the popular drama with their idols either getting in unfortunate accidents, lack of proper sleep, injuries, etc.

source: cooksmurf