Mystery Kpop Box Giveaway


I’m giving away a FREE box filled with fun Kpop merch! The giveaway starts on MAY 1st and runs until JULY 1st.


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Follow this link to enter: MrKpop’s Mystery Box Giveaway! 



1 Mystery Kpop Album (2017 Release)

(Will include all Album items like photocards and posters)

5 Mystery Kpop fan items from groups like EXO, Twice, and BTS!

This Mystery Box is easily between $40-$50 in value!



56 thoughts on “Mystery Kpop Box Giveaway”

  1. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway, I’m so excited!! It’s really hard to choose just one group but if I had to would be SNSD, but I’m also a huge fan of TWICE, 2NE1, EXO, BTS and BLACKPINK ❤

  2. Huge Once Jelly here
    Diying right now cos of the signal teaser and the track list of the new album….also because I dont have money to buy it…
    Im like T-T
    Just Like T-T

  3. Hello ^^ Im a huge fan of FTISLAND for 7 years now ! but saddly i never got the chance to have any of their awesome albums and i hope this time will be different ^^
    and thank you for the giveway

  4. Thank you so much for holding this Giveaway! I’m a huge fan of BTS, TWICE, EXO and many more 😅
    Good luck to everyone else 😊

  5. Thanks for doing this giveaway. My fav group are exo, cnblue & bts. I’ll like other group as well like big bang, winner, blackpink, f(x) ☺

  6. i stan bangtan for life, they are really my fave group but i do like twice as well. i fell inlove with bts when im having a serious depression last year but their music and specially their off cams vids really helped me a lot to get through the pain :)) until now they made me feel loved and appreciated ♥ everytime im getting sad again i just watch them and they strangely comforted me 🙂

  7. I just found this giveaway, so i may be a little late. Its rare to find a kpop giveaway. So a BIG Thanks for making this giveaway! 😉 Without doubt, of course I would choose Girls Generation, my first and forever kpop group that I will stan.

  8. My favorite group just has to be VIXX!!❤ Please support them on their recent comeback~😊 Also, thank you so much for hosting this awesome giveaway!💋

  9. Thank you for this mysterious giveaway~ My favourite idol is Lee Taeyong from NCT and also NCT is actually my ultimate band❤ But Astro and B.A.P are also next to the SM boys.

  10. Thank you so much for this i really appreciate it and hoping that I could win this lovely massive giveaway of yours becauss im broke af and I really never had an album of bts in my entire bts fanlife hahahaha really that broke thank you so much for this and goodluck to all!! Fighting Armys!

  11. Hey! My favourite group iss BTS 💕
    Tysm for the awesome giveaway:3 you really deserve the best for doing this xx

  12. Thank you for doing this gieaway ❤️❤️ My fav group is Exo and Bts !! Im soo excited!! I hipe i will win this giveaway 💕

  13. Thank you for doing this giveaway. My fav idol is Kim Junsu and my fav group is TVXQ! They’re the first group that got me into kpop. Not sure if you know them or not, but if you don’t, I suggest you to take a look. You wouldn’t regret it 🙂 Thank you once again~

    And good luck to everyone participating in this giveaway!

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