17 thoughts on “Crush of the Month: Park Shin Hye!”

  1. Hello there 🙂 nice blog, I’m blogie walking here.. keep writing and heppy blogging. my last post is about wedding ideas, can you help me please?

    1. yah . she can sing , dance and act . uhhhhhh ur so cute pa 😀 even though ur hair is so short as a boy u look so stunning pa rin :-* umuahhhhh . more projects to coem my idol : ) kam sa hamnida !!

  2. wow!!! she’s so beutiful..khit maging lalaki pa sya ang ganda pa rin nya.and take note , very talented pa… sana cla n lang ni jang geun suk…. go!! GO MI NAM.!!! ANNYONGHI KASAYO.

  3. saranghaeyo!!!!!!!!!!! Go minam your my idol ..i will learn more korean language for you ,,Kam sa Hamnida…forever..take care always,,just stay in your charms and more project to come your so nice,,

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