Rain (Jung Ji Hoon)

Release dates set for Rain’s “Ninja Assassin”!


USA– November 25th, 2009

Australia– November 26th, 2009

Malaysia– November 26th, 2009

UK– November 27th, 2009

Germany– December 3rd, 2009

Italy– December 4th, 2009

Argentina– December 10th, 2009

Netherlands– December 10th, 2009

Russia– December 17th, 2009

Czech Republic– December 24th, 2009

Spain– December 25th, 2009
Can’t wait till November!

4 thoughts on “Release dates set for Rain’s “Ninja Assassin”!”

  1. Hi..like to know if he will be attending to the Premier in Germany.
    And where part of Germany is it?
    I would definately booked the ticket to there!!
    Please give information..
    Would like to see Jung Ji Hoon closer.. ❤

  2. Or will he be attending in Italy & Czech too?
    Which city?
    Please..like to know..
    Will it be in Berlin (Germany), Milan/Rome(Italy), or Prauge (Czech)?
    I am in Austria..so either way is no problem as long as Bi is there!!!

  3. i am there with a group of friends. first in line to see this film. i am learned a lot of patience and following this film every step of the way. can’t imagine how i’m going to be feeling when i finally sit down in the theatre to watch Rain starring in this movie. even now, i’m giggly with excitment.

  4. Heeyyyyyyyyyyy
    What about Canadaaaaaaaaaaaa 😀 ? ? ?

    or do you think the release date for canada and america would roughly be the same? 🙂

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