Subtited Songs

[Song #103] Lee Sora “Track 8” (English Subtitles)



My Youtube Account was suspended —

I’m trying to upload old videos on my Dailymotion account here:

thanks to 1ncarnad1ne for the Translation!


3 thoughts on “[Song #103] Lee Sora “Track 8” (English Subtitles)”

  1. So beautiful! Her voice is enchanting and her songs on this release are soaring and wonderful. Thanks for this post.

  2. i like it . . . Gòód söngs and nice vöice . . . Its the first time i knöw aböut u . .in the möther öf fact When i was read ur bröther pöfile i saw ur name then i make a serch aböut ur name in gõøgle . . Sö i knöw aböut u möre nöw . . And i knöw nöw that u have a realy lövely vöice . .

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