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[Song] Park Hyo Shin “Sorrow” Dae Jo Young OST (English Subtitles)


Park Hyo Shin – Ae Sang (애상) “Dae JoYoung (대조영)OST”

I haven’t seen this show… it any good?


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Thanks to wassereis @ Soompi for the translation!

8 thoughts on “[Song] Park Hyo Shin “Sorrow” Dae Jo Young OST (English Subtitles)”

  1. I got to know park hyo shin thru this song. Really loved it. Daejoyoung, for me is very good. It was shown in kbsw in 2007/2008 before great king sejong. Daejoyoung llegitimate on GEOM is super hot.

  2. thank u so much
    i like this song sooo much and now more after the translation,, thx alot.. park hyo shin z amazing

  3. even though he is not good looking, but he really have a good sexy voice. that is why lots of girls can fall in love with him by just listening to his amazing voice. PARK HYO SHIN you the best !

  4. hi
    is there any english subtitle for this serial ?
    we want to translate it to our language (Persian) but we couldn’t find english sub until now.
    do you have the subtitles? can you help me to find them?

  5. selam aleyküm merhaba dae jo young ingilizçe alt yzıyı nereden bulabilirim yardımcı olabilirmisiniz acaba şimdiden teşekkürler..

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