Lee Seo Jin Breaks Up With Kim Jung Eun


I can’t believe what I’m reading now, but it is true. News are out today that Kim Jung Eun and Lee Seo Jin, the popular couple well liked by many, has ended their 2 years relationship. The internet forums were flooded with comments from shocked and devastated fans who had before this expecting them to get married soon.

Lee Seo Jin and Kim Jung Eun fell in love with each other in 2006 when they were playing in the drama “Lovers”. After the drama, they soon became a well-known couple due to their compatibility and many were expecting to announce their marriage news.

During her variety show, Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate not long ago, Kim Jung Eun was still discussing how she was planning to go out more with Lee Seo Jin in order to compensate for the lack of dating during the filming of “Yi San”. However shortly after, during end October, she received a phonecall from Lee Seo Jin requesting a breakup. No reason was given. This made Kim Jung Eun extremely sad and confused. Their surrounding friends were also shocked by this.

“There isn’t even a slightest hint before this. We didn’t quarrel or had any discomfort with each other. But we just broke up like this. I feel very abrupt and confused on what is happening,” Kim Jung Eun said.

Apparently rumours are circulating that Lee Seo Jin’s mother is the cause of their breakup as she rejected Kim Jung Eun (for whatever reasons not known). But it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m totally shocked now. I’m still harbouring a glimpse of hope that tomorrow when I surf the net, there will be news stating that this is not true.

via Lee Seo Jin Breaks Up With Kim Jung Eun | Hanfever Korean Drama


12 thoughts on “Lee Seo Jin Breaks Up With Kim Jung Eun”

  1. still not getting over by this devastating news!
    ajah KJE!!!! i really hope and pray for you to have more strength at this lowest point in your life….
    saranghe unni…

      1. Totally agree with u both…how could he just broke her heart like that??He should meet her then say what he really thought of their relationship..I am really sorry for Kim…I really like her since I saw her on AAE..Didn’t expect her to date with Lee…Nevertheless hope Kim will resilient to this..!!

  2. If a man brake up with a woman -that he told to everybody he loved- BY PHONE, so without dubt, Kim, fly away and find your happiness with another person that really loves you.

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