5 thoughts on “[Song] Alex “Flowerpot” (English Subtitles)”

  1. hi!
    can you send me full list of the tracks in this Vintage Romance album?
    I cant read Korean so I want to change all the titles to English at least or romanized version..

  2. Sorry I couldn’t figure out where to send the email, but here is the track list in english

    01. All of a sudden
    02. if its you
    03. you always
    04. sorry i made you wait
    05. Tears that soak the ends of my feet
    06. Feel Like Making Sunshine
    07. Let’s clasp our hands together tightly
    08. waltz lesson
    09. Lover
    10. I love you
    11. A day of good feelings (A good day)
    12. Daydreaming
    13. Miss. Understand. (Ft. Simon Dominic)
    14. Daisy
    15. (Bonus track) Flowerpot

  3. Hi There! Romantic Guy
    I’m BIBI from Tunisia, iwatching Korea Tv so i leastning for u in the show “we got married” u look great and nice with Sinae. It’s a popular show i liked very much but i love u re sounds more good job and keep enter the Happiness to the world.bye

  4. Hi Alex

    I just saw “We got married”. I couldn’t see Sinae’s beauty first even though everybody said she is beautiful. As drama went on, I saw it through your eyes, your voice, and your charisma. You spread light over her. Your true fillings make this song very unique.

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