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[Song] Zia “Mom, I’m Sorry” (English Subtitles) + more

I love this album!!

I’ll probably end up subtitling most of the album, so check back for more songs.

Direct Link:

Song List from album

*Red Songs I have subbed

1. I’m HappyYoutube link
2. What Am I To Do Youtube Link
3. I Love You, I’m Sorry
Youtube Link
4. A Distant PlaceYoutube Link
5. I Only See You (Feat. TOP)
6. I Only Know Love
7. Mom, I’m SorryYoutube link
8. Will You Smile For Me
9. Choked With Grief
10. From Sinchon To Hongdae
11. StarYoutube link
12. Blank
13. The Closer You Get
14. Confession
15. Worn Out Clothes
16. I Love You, I’m Sorry (Piano Version)

1 thought on “[Song] Zia “Mom, I’m Sorry” (English Subtitles) + more”

  1. Hey! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this album!!
    is amazing ! Im in love with her haha lol

    I hope you do “Choked With Grief” english subtitles soon 😀

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