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[Song] Lee SoRa + Park Hyo Shin “Please” (English Subtitles)

Another Song with Park Hyo Shin Subtitled. I found the video and translation online. I had to replace the audio before I could sub it though.

check it out:

Direct Link:

I can see why Hyoshin was crying during this performance…..sad song.

Don’t forget to check out “The Park Hyo Shin Project” page to see all the songs I’ve Subbed!

3 thoughts on “[Song] Lee SoRa + Park Hyo Shin “Please” (English Subtitles)”

  1. Hei….Hi..I am melodi from Sweden..To me you are the sun that always shines….I love you very much!!!
    i can never be tired of listening to your songs…your voice is amazing powerful… I really wish i could undersdtand any korean….I think your album The Breeze Of Sea is the best ….awesome songs!
    totally loved it ..loved it loved…..all your songs has soo much feeling and passion… your picture in that album is my favorite… you look so innocent ,good looking and attractive man …..
    Park Hyo Shin keep fighting…YOUR THE BEST…..

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