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Is Park Hyo Shin a figment of my imagination?

With so little English language news around on my favorite singer, Park Hyo Shin, I was beginning to think he was all just a figment of my imagination.

Luckily there has been a fresh sighting! I hope from now on someone can track the illusive HyoShin!

post below is taken from

I got some information about PHS from one of blogs of PYH today.
He  appeared in PYH’s fan meeting in Seoul as a guest with Gummy. I am glad  that he showed up in front of people. I wanted to get some pictures,  but I could not get it at all. PYH’s Cyworld mini HP was closed since  there were so many problems and he could not control over it.  That is  too bad. Anyway, I am so happy that PHS is fine and PYH cares about PHS  as a good friend and as a big brother since I have been a big fan of  them since 2004. Hopefully, PYH will help Hyo Shin out from the trouble.  Also, I am expecting and dreaming that PHS will show up on PYH’s Japan  concerts from this year to the next year.
I want to see him and listen to his new songs as soon as possible.
Otherwise, I cannot be happy. B9DAC8BFBDC5_28229_happy4u7942.jpg I need PHS’s young power.

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I got some more information about PHS from a fan of PYH who attended on his fan meeting in Seoul.
PHS’s  hair style was a kind of mashroom cut,straight hair,but a little bit  longer and he was wearing a sweater and jeans with grey muffler.
PHS sang a PYH’s song called ”Ue Saran” She said it was really nice.
PHS is now helping PYH’s new album. It will be on the market pretty soon.
They were just like a real brothers. I am so happy to hear this kind of news since they are my favorit singer and actor.

Thanks to for keeping me up to date!

1 thought on “Is Park Hyo Shin a figment of my imagination?”

  1. Me either, for PHS long hiatus,
    and my lousy hangul, I am so lacked of information about my favourite PHS,
    what can I do just to watch his old clip inn YT over and over again.

    I hope PHS could back to the stage very soon, if not, please let him solve his problem asap…

    I miss THE voice.

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