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So Ji Sub’s ‘Doctor Stop’ Will Debut in November

SBS has announced that its upcoming “Doctor Stop”, originally named “Cain and Abel”, will premiere in November. This drama casting So Ji Sub will not only have to pit itself against a star dazzling “East of Eden” but also against Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin’s “The World They Live In”.

“Doctor Stop” is a hospital-themed drama talking how doctors conspire against each other in order to climb up the position ladder. In response to the name change from “Cain and Abel” to “Doctor Stop”, a representative from the production company explained, “Our original plan was to find another top male actor to play as the rival of So Ji Sub. Hence, we named it as ‘Cain and Abel’ in the beginning. However, we discovered later that it was pretty difficult to do so and we dropped from two male lead to only one. Correspondingly, the title was also changed to ‘Doctor Stop’”.

An on-screen battle between two good friend, So Ji Sub and Song Seung Hun, is about to begin in 2 months time. The cast for “Doctor Stop” has already been selected and the drama will begin shooting in October.

It seems like there will be a fierce battle for viewers in November. “East of Eden”, “The World They Live In” and “Doctor Stop”. Which one should I watch first? I’m leaning more towards “The World They Live In” at this moment because of Song Hye Kyo! Though this may change over time.

So Ji Sub’s ‘Doctor Stop’ Will Debut in November | Hanfever Korean Drama

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