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Wonder Girls will hold their first concert

JYP’s five beautiful wonders will holding a concert in 2009.

With their success, “Tell Me” and “So Hot”, they became the biggest hit in Korea.

Their second full album is expected to be released early 2009, but still watch out for their new Mini-album which is expected to release on September 25th.

Wonder Girls are also set to pump the party at MBC’s Choosuk party with some old school-funky dancing in the “New Generation Star Trot Battle“. The dance off will feature Big Bang, Jewelry, and SS501.

Stay tuned to MBC on September 15th to find out what the fuss is about!

source: kojaproductions

1 thought on “Wonder Girls will hold their first concert”

  1. LOVE wondergirls…
    cant wait to see the dance off on the 15th of Sept.

    good luck and may the besxt be with them[:
    WG so Hawt..
    yubin so HAwt..
    Sunye so HAwt…
    Sohee so hawt..
    sun mi so hawt..
    yeeun so hawt/.//
    fighting WG..
    imma pray for u ppls!!
    Numba 1 always!!
    all support!!
    to all..

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