Ryoo-Kong couple after 7 years of dating…

“Marrying at the flower blooming spring!”

A new married star couple is made in the beginning of next year.

Although they have not started the wedding arrangements and specifics, they have decided on their wedding march next Spring.

Ryoo Seung-beom will be starring in the new movie “29 Years” as the male lead actor. The release date and filming of this movie has affected their delay in marriage.

Kong Hyo-jin also has starred in a new movie, “Miss Carrot” and is spending her recent days very busily.

Ryoo and Kong have met through the 2001 drama “Glamorous Vacation” and movie “No Manners”. They have started their relationship gradually through those productions but have separated in 2007 after 6 years of dating only to come together again last May through “The Birth of a Family”.

The couple has received much support and popularity through their open relationship.

Source : Korean )

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