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‘The Kingdom of the Winds’ Press Conference

KBS’s new historical drama “The Kingdom of the Winds” held its production press conference on the 4th of September afternoon at Seoul Ryung San CGV theatre. Lead cast including Song Il Gook, Choi Jung Won, Jung Jin Young, Park Gun Hyung and others attended the press conference.

“The Kingdom of the Winds” depicts the life of King Daemusin (Song Il Gook), also shown as “the god of war”, who conquered the largest land mass in the history of Korea. His love interest will be a Buyeo princess played by Choi Jung Won.

Debuting on the 10th of September, same date as MBC’s “Beethoven VIrus“, this 36-episode drama based on Kim Jin’s comic is set to go head on with MBC’s orchestra-themed miniseries.

Source: Newsen

‘The Kingdom of the Winds’ Press Conference | Hanfever Korean Drama


9 thoughts on “‘The Kingdom of the Winds’ Press Conference”

  1. i like the pairing of Song Il Gook and Choi Jung Won..

    They look good together…
    I’m looking forward to watching the whole series of this drama

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