Rain (Jung Ji Hoon)

Rain Produces Special Comeback Show with MBC

Singer Rain will take part in producing a special program with MBC to celebrate his return to the K-pop scene. Rain plans to release his much-anticipated special album in October.

The special program featuring Rain is expected to be similar to Seo Taiji’s comeback special which was broadcast earlier this month.

The program will last for one hour and will feature live performances and interviews. MBC is currently negotiating with Rain’s management agency JTune Entertainment to air the show sometime in October.

Following his performance during the closing ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Rain told Yeonhap News Agency during a phone interview that he is confident about his new album.

Rain, who produced the album himself, said it took a long time for him to prepare and record the album, which is in its final stage of production. The singer added that the special album includes many of the songs he wrote himself and that some of them are in English.

The album will be released all over Asia as well as other countries with a sizeable Asian K-pop market. Rain plans to release a wordwide album early next year following the release of “Ninja Assassin,” a Hollywood blockbuster film starring Rain.


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