Kim Ki-Duk’s 비몽 (Dream) Opens This October

So, other than producing films—the fascinating 아름답다 (Beautiful) and the upcoming actioner 영화는 영화다 (Rough Cut)—sometimes Kim Ki-Duk even makes them.

Kim’s last effort 숨 (Breath) barely registered a blip in Korea (and that’s no surprise), but things might be a little different when his 비몽 (Dream) releases this October. The film, whose Korean title means “sad dream,” will star Odagiri Jo, who has quite a decent fanbase in Korea, and Lee Na-Young. Seeing as her last film 우리들의 행복한 시간 (Our Happy Times) was a huge success, Kim might actually break from tradition and try a slightly larger distribution set up, although I’ll believe that when I see it.

The story actually sounds quite interesting, with Lee playing Ran, a woman suffering from somnambulism, and Jin (Odagiri), a man who can’t forget his lost love, and tries to meet her in his dreams. So the two meet each other, and he actually finds out she’s acting in accordance with his dreams, in that valley of sadness and happiness that vanishes whenever you wake up. Sounds like Kim will pound on with the symbolism once again. The film was recently screened at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Twitch – Kim Ki-Duk’s 비몽 (Dream) Opens This October


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