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Kingdom of the winds production stills revealed

Just about two more weeks to go before the broadcast of KBS “The Kingdom of the Winds“. I guess every fans, especially those of Song Il Gook, will be excited about this. Three production stills of the upcoming sageuk drama were released today, and guess what, they are all featuring Song Il Gook. Hmm where’s my Choi Jung Won?

This 36-episode historical drama adapted from Kim Jin’s comic, depicts the life of Prince Moo Hyul (Song Il Gook), who is the grandson of Jumong. Prince Moo Hyul, who later becomes Daemusin, wages war against neighboring countries and eventually conquers the largest land mass in the history of Korea. He is known as “The God of War”. Choi Jung Won plays as Princess Yeon, who is the love interest of Daemusin.

Among the photos revealed, the one where Song Il Gook wore a bandanna, aroused the most interest from the viewers. In order to fully portray this greatest conqueror in the history of Korea, Song Il Gook had started training and building up his body before he even receives the script.

“Daemusin is a tough character. I am currently working hard on exercising and even had martial art lessons in order to convincingly portray a great conqueror,” Song Il Gook said.

Having already played “Jumong” that ends with a magnificent 51.9% TV ratings on its final episode, I wonder how this new Song Il Gook drama will fare. It will be a heavy burden on him to ensure that his drama receives a high rating. My personal guess is at least a 20+% though.

The special episode of “The Kingdom of the Winds” will be shown on the 4th of September and the drama will debut on the 10th.

Source: Newsen + Taken from http://www.hanfever.com/

11 thoughts on “Kingdom of the winds production stills revealed”

  1. song il gook 3 dizisin izledim 3de cok cok cok mutesemde ben sadec tek bir soranam var dizideki kizliar inanlmaz kaskanyoram ben ona cokkkkkkkkkkkkkkk sevyoram ona resmen asam ona sevmeyi seviyoram

  2. I don’t have much to say just that i love any firms from song ll gook ad i like him too.from nigeria.

  3. There are no mere words to describe Song Il Gook’s talents for acting, riding, martial arts-and his looks-so I wont even try…just keep on making those dramas, & I’ll keep on tuning in from the San Francisco bay area. you rock, my friend…-love ya…. 🙂

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