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[Variety] “We Got Married” Update

Well, I finally caught up on this show! Just watched episode 21 last night. From one of my previous posts I said that my favorite couples were Andy and Solbi followed by Alex and Shinae. That was before Alex left the show for awhile.

After he left they brought in some new couples…I didn’t like it. I felt like we were starting over and I assumed it would be the end of my enjoyment of this show.

Man was I wrong! Turns out, after watching all the current episodes, I have grown most attached to the Hwang Bo and HYUN JOONG couple.

The mix of awkward and fun is irresistible!

I can’t help but to smile and laugh the whole time they are on.

I hope the new episodes come quickly!

빨리 빨리!!

40 thoughts on “[Variety] “We Got Married” Update”

  1. omg! I totally agree – I went from Andy & Solbi, then the mania couple Crown J & Seo In Young but now I can’t help but be more interested in the developments of Hyung Joong and Hwang Bo!!

  2. true3… i’m absolutely agree…
    they are to ‘cool’..
    and put lot of ‘lol’ in my life~~~
    lol lol lol lol….

  3. they are too cute…
    they are my favorite too..
    I can’t wait till episode22!! I hope people will be kind enough to sub it in english!!

    buin and shilla forever!

  4. i happy that they marry together. and so they are a great couple i good~ i alway watch the how is the day they live…. 😉

  5. I love it too, it’s amazing between hwang bo and hyun joong. Hyun joong was so cute all the time. No couple as cute as their relationship. The videos about them in youtube is amazing! their awkwardness made everyone laugh.

  6. nggak oleh pokoke
    kim hyun joong harus karo aku..
    aku tresno karo kue kim hyun joong!!!!!!!!
    salam ye buat kim hyung joon, kim bum, n’ lee min ho.

    do you know what I mean????

  7. I don’t want him , kim hyun joong , to coupling with girls …. does he have girlfriend in his real life ……… 😦 I love him very** much

  8. I’m really mad some of you guys treating HwangBo like she’s a bad person in reality she’s not. She’s is very Beautiful and kind and she can sing. I’m a fan
    of hers and HyunJoong too they make such a great couple i love them both.

  9. ahh.. I really love them though its 2 years over…. I can’t help it…. I really cry on the last part on their mountain hike…..I always hope their love for each other is always happy….. saranghamnida….I wish I could be Hwang Bo….. she can do many things and she is really great…..

  10. mi principe 100pre tan lindo estuvist genial q lastima q tuvieras q actuar con esa …………. q bueno q todo haya qdado en eso actuacion….tkm ——–saludos a todas las shin ki lover

  11. i love this brogram so much and i like the relation ship between hwang bo and hyuon joong and i want to say do the best hwang bo to win his heart he is so beautifull and you to i hope that love be always

  12. hi………..jihoo.I am very interset to you.your smile.height,hair style really interst.i love ur smile.
    Your fan inoka(sri lanka)

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