Photoshoots, Sung Yuri

[Photos] Sung Yuri is as Gorgeous as ever!

Can this girl, even once, not look drop dead Gorgeous? I mean this is getting ridiculous! Every new AD campaign she does, every TV show, EVERYTIME…. She looks amazing.

These latest pics (BELOW) are from the apparel brand “VIKI” shoot.

4 thoughts on “[Photos] Sung Yuri is as Gorgeous as ever!”

  1. well….yuri does really look good but the best is when she doesnt put up a lot of make ups…..well what i want to say is she looks best with the natural look…..she is a naure beauty and not someone who has to put on lots of make ups just to look good…she really is cute,goooorrrrgeous and a beautiful lady…but don let this thing get over or head…just stay cool as you are…i am one of your biggest FAN here….keeep up the good work

  2. نريد حلقات المسلسل الكورى ملكة الثلج اللى قام بالبطوله sung yuri وhyun bin

  3. she’s hot and pretty and gourgeous and has the beauty of god …..i actually look up for her……her cloths are good and her hair is so soft and like everyone says she’s way beeter without a lot of make up …..she’s so pretty naturally….love you so much algeria

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