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[Movie] Ninja Assassin Behind the scenes w/ Rain

Behind the Scenes with Jung ji Hoon

I’ve been a fan of Rain for awhile now. I first saw him in “Full House”, which is still one of my favorite shows ever. Then I followed that up with “Sang Doo, Lets go to school”, which I liked very much, but I know alot of people have “issues” with it. After both of those I was really exited to see him star in “A Love to Kill”. Again, I think I liked it more than most people.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings…

Ninja Assassin BTS:

5 thoughts on “[Movie] Ninja Assassin Behind the scenes w/ Rain”

  1. I understand your point Obrien, but I think in the movie, Rain showed his macho side more, and no sweet cutie smile.

  2. I love you so much as my brother.
    Your photos are very beautiful & attractive.
    Please!Reply me when you free.

  3. yes I like rain very much since fullhouse films,
    I always follow his news…..until now
    he can be a cute man, cool man, and so on
    come on rain aza-aza fighting we love U…^_^

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