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[Drama] The World They Live In

What can I say, two of my favorite Kpop stars working together in a brand new Drama.

First I’ll talk about my girl Song Hye Kyo:

I fell in love with Song Hye-kyo (송혜교) while watching the Kdrama “All in“. She was just a vision of perfection from start to finish. She actually become more enchanting as each episode passed. After the show was over I started my search for more SHK, eventually finding one of my favorite all time shows “Full House“.

Now for the other star Hyun Bin:

Like most people I saw Hyun Bin for the first time in the Hilarious “My Lovely Sam Soon“. He was the perfect counterpart to Kim Sun ah’s fun image. She showed alot of talent in the comedy department but overall I thought he was just going to be a “pretty boy” actor. Well, my opinion changed after I saw him in “Snow Queen” a few years later. The show and his performance were very underrated. I thought he really improved as a actor and manage to show a ton of emotion.

I have really high hopes for this one. I hope all goes smoothly for them and this becomes a hit.

2 thoughts on “[Drama] The World They Live In”

  1. This korean drama is just perfect. The chemistry between Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo is undeniable. They are sooo perfect together. Hyun Bin is quite a talented actor. He should pursue English as this will open doors in his career. Song Hye Kyo is shows her talent quite well.

    The drama has the quality of perfection. Kudos to the entire team !

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