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The Park Hyo Shin Project

I speak very little korean (though I can read it, I just have like zero vocab, lol). But HyoShin is one of my favorite singers, so I started this project on Soompi awhile back. I’ve made pretty good progress but I’m running out of translations! If you have a translation for a song listed below please email me!

I’m trying to make English subbed videos for Hyo Shins whole discography (its a big job biggrin.gif )

Most Translations came from (see individual videos info for full credits)



I’m in the process of reuploading them to

I will add the Dailymotion links into this list as they become available. Thanks

Red = Songs I’ve done
Blue = Songs I have the translation for but I haven’t subbed yet
orange = Songs I Need english translations for
The rest are either IN english already or are instrumentals.

Click the “Youtube Link” to see the vid

Park Hyo Shin 6 – Gift

01. Gift
02. Sa Rang Han Hu e
03. Neol Ba Ra Gi – Youtube Link
04. I Sang Ha Da
05. I Reum Mo Reul Sae
06. Deja-vu
Youtube Link
07. Sa Rang Han Hu e (Inst.)
08. Deja-vu (Piano Mix Ver.)

Hwang Project with Park Hyo Shin Vol.1 – Welcome To The Fantastic World

01 . Fantastic World
02 . The Castle Of Zoltar Youtube Link
03 . 마지막 인사 Youtube Link
04 . 마지막 인사 Part II (Bossa Nova Version)

05 . The Castle Of Zoltar (Instrumental)
06 . 마지막 인사 (Instrumental)
07 . 마지막 인사 Part II (Bossa Nova Version) (Instrumental)

Park Hyo Shin 5

01. The Breeze Of Sea (Intro) (Inst.)
02. Chuogun Sarangul Dalma Youtube Link
03. Meari Youtube Link
04. Etude (Interlude) (Feat. Jin Bora)
05. Lost Youtube Link
06. Dashi Saranghessumyon
07. Miwohaja Youtube Link
08. Gurimgo… Guriun… Youtube Link
09. Like a Star (Feat. Choi Ah Rom) Youtube Link
10. Now & Forever
11. Annyong Gasumul Chinun Mal Youtube Link
12 . Wind Child (Interlude)
13 . 1991 Chanbarami Buldon Bam… Youtube Link
14. The Lullaby
15. Don’t Know Why
16. My Love

Park Hyo Shin – Neo classicism

01. Sarang sarang sarang Youtube Link
02. Suknyeoyechan (Feat. Windcity) Youtube Link
03. Heuteojin nanaldeul Youtube Link
04. Neoege
05. Eoneusae Youtube Link
06. Yet chinguege – Youtube Link
07. Tashi naegero torawa
08. Neon eonjena
09. Kieoksogui meon keudaeegeYoutube Link
10. Kaeulpyeonji
11. Nunuikkot Youtube Link

Park Hyo Shin 4

01. na cho reom Youtube Link
02. Hey U Come OnYoutube Link
03. keu got seh seo seo Youtube Link
04. Believe In You
05. mol rat chyo
06. neo reul goom goo myo (Interlude)
07. chat seul so eop neun gil Youtube Link
08. chin goo ra neun keon
09. poh nael soo eop neun neo YouTube Link
10. neul keu dae roh
11. Want It !!? Youtube Link
12. wae noon mool man na neun ji
13. ni ga deul ryeo joon mal
14. keu heunhan nam ja yeo seo

Park Hyo Shin 3 (missing some?)

01. 나비의 겨울 (?)Youtube Link
02. 좋은 사람
03. You & Me
04. 그후
05. Girl of my Dreams
06. gwaen chana
07. It’s gonna be rolling
08. sarang bo da gipeun sang cheo
09. geu nyeo reul ara yo
10. sarang han geollo dwaesseo

Park Hyo Shin 2

01. Show Your Love
02. Dong Kyeong Youtube Link
03. Mongoseseo Youtube Link
04. Ka
05. Me too…
06. Naega Saranghan Saram
07. Close My Eyes
08. PyunShin (Bad Boy)
09. Sarang… Keu Heunhan Mal Youtube Link
10. PyunJi
11. Wiahn
12. AeHwa
13. Please

Park Hyo Shin 1

01. Hae chool soo ep neun il Youtube Link
02. Babo Youtube Link
03. Aesseo (Duet. ParkHwaYoBi) Youtube Link
04. Stalking
05. Haneuleun Wae Naegeh
06. Ringee
07. Peter Pan
08. Pianoist
09. Inside Love

10. Love Is Blind
11. Outro

Other Songs (Cover Songs or Not on any Hyoshin Album)

Park Hyo Shin “Like rain, Like Music” Cover (English Subtitles)
MC Mong Featuring Park Hyo Shin: Prayer (Live) (English Subtitles)

Park Hyo Shin “Drunken Truth” cover (English Subtitles)

Park Hyo Shin “Flower’s Message” from iljimae (English Subtitles + SingAlong)

Lee So Ra ft. Park Hyo Shin “Please” (English Subtitles)

Park Hyo Shin – Ae Sang (애상) (English Subtitles)

Park Hyo Shin ft. MC Mong “A Whales Dream” (English Subtitles)

If anyone has the english translation to any of these songs please share it smile.gif

21 thoughts on “The Park Hyo Shin Project”

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you have the lyrics to Memories Resemble Love in Korean? Not subbed in English.

    Thanks, I absolutely love the song and him!!

  2. wow, this is so awesome!
    I love Park Hyo Shin and it is so hard to find translations to some songs…
    Anyway, thank you so much for doing this ^O^

    I fell in love with this one song, “Aesang” from the OST of the drama Dae Ju Young… I would be the happiest girl ever if you ever found a translation to that ^^

  3. really impressed by his deep n husky voice…
    no matter how does he look, i’ll continue lurve him…i love almost all her song especially in his new album..hyo shin ya….fighting…n its a good effort to hv dis project sa dat ppl like me will get the most benefit of it…kumawo..

  4. omg~ you must really like him!!!
    i love him so much too!!!
    but sadly not a lot of people in Taiwan know who he is…
    so i’ve started my own chinese fan blog for taiwanese!!!
    hope i can help promote him here
    keep up the good work!!!
    i’ll be visiting often!!!

  5. Hey Mr.Kpop, thanks for all you translations, I really appreciated it…there’s so little Park Hyo Shin news that I sometimes think he’s a figment of my imagination too ='(

    When I first heared the unsubbed ver of ‘Drunken Truth’ I was already really impressed but reading the lyrics makes it much more meaningful

    My current favs are ‘Stand in that spot’ &’Let’s Hate’

  6. Hey I wanted to know if anyone knew about a song called ‘To you’, well that’s the translation of the title (I guess) and I’m desperately looking for the lyrics thanks.. PHS rocks!!

  7. Wow what an amazing project. And what a huge job! All I can say right now is thanks for all your work. You have helped to make it possible for so many fans, myself included, to be able to understand the beautiful words that Park Hyo Shin is singing. If you don’t mind, I will mention your project over at the Only HyoShin forum to help spread the word. Keep the faith! Fighting!

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